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Darjeeling Municipality was established on the 1st of July 1850. Popular participation in civic administration was actually started in the year 1847. Till 1994 the Municipalities in the State were governed by Bengal Municipal Act. 1932. After the 74th Amendment of the Constitution which made mandatory to every state to have Municipal authority and hence accordingly West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 came into force with effect from July, 1994.

The Municipal Office was initially situated in the 2nd floor of Bengal Secretariat Building (presently known as Employment Exchange Building). It was thereafter shifted to another office at Cart Road (present Food & Supply Office) which was later on transferred to C & W. D. Department at a price of Rs. 9,000 only.

The foundation stone of the present building situated at 1, Laden La Road, was laid by His Excellency the Right Hon'ble Lawrence John Lumply Dundas, Earl of Ronaldshay, GCIE, Governor of the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal on 27th October, 1917 and also formally opened the building on 27th may, 1921. The Geothic structure was designed by Mr. Cecil H. Morgan, LRDA the then Municipal Engineer and construction works were done by Mr. Kharga Bahadur Chettri. The Englishman on its issue of 30th May, 1921 reports that, "on the occasion His excellency said, that is little for me to add to what Mr. Goode has said beyond my congratulation to the people of Darjeeling upon the completion of the building the foundation stone of which I had laid some three years ago… I think this building might possibly be put in the not very far distance future. It is, as its name implies, the centre of Municipal Self Government" …. Lord Ronaldshay, then with a silver mounted Khukuri presented to him for the purpose, cut the cord which released the main doors of the building."

On the night of 20th November 1996 the building was gutted by fire. However, Darjeeling Municipality in order to provide basic services to the people continued its function from Municipal Boys' High School and thereafter from its Sagarmatha Guest house for which the Guest House had to be closed down temporarily.

The reconstruction of the office building was carried out by D. K. Pradhan the then Chairman of the Darjeeling Municipality. Keeping the sentiment of the people and to restore the old heritage building and the British Architectural antiquity the facade of the building was kept as it is and only the inner portion, with certain modification to adjust the present needs, were cosntructed.The construction was entrusted to M/s HIMANDRI CONSTRUCTIONS, Darjeeling, who handed over the premises in March, 1999. The office building was formally opened by Subash Ghisingh, the then Chairman and Chief Executive Councillor, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council on 10th July, 1999 and the ceremonial functions was presided over by Asok Bhattachary, the Municipal Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal.

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  • Chairman and Vice-Chairman

    The Chairman and Vice-Chairman have taken the oath on 21/12/2011 at Municipal Conference Hall along with all the newly elected members.

  • Nominated 5 Councillors

    Chairman in his order dated 23.12.2011 has nominated 5 councillors as member of the Chairman-in-Council under sub section 2 of Section 15 of West Bengal Municipal Act 1993.

  • The members are


  • The oath of Office

    The oath of office has been administered by the Chairman to the Chairman-in-Council member on 23.12.2011 at 2:00 p.m.